What’s the story about?

Johnny and Karen Clark have spent the last twenty years buying a slice of the American dream. After her bout with a serious illness and a few of Johnny’s indiscretions, all is in chaos. It would seem the Clarks have a blessed life, with three bright kids, and a lifestyle to be envied. Instead, their idyllic relationship has begun to unravel. Fed up, Karen wants Johnny gone but is in no position financially or physically to take care of herself and the children. At the same time, Johnny desperately wants out but doesn’t feel right leaving Karen destitute in her moment of crisis. Admittedly, they need help but neither knows what to do.

Making matters worse, no help comes from Karen’s friend, Tina, who has endured her own slaps from life and feels justified in blaming God and weak men. Clamoring for a way out, Johnny turns to his former club-hopping buddy, Tyrone, for advice and justification. Meanwhile, Karen seeks counsel from her compassionate friend, Connie and a spiritually grounded church mother. Where Johnny and Karen go from here will depend on how much they’re willing to sacrifice and how much value they place on life, marriage, and faith in a God that neither seems to know personally.

No Regrets shows that in spite of challenges, there is always a place in our lives where we can find a small bit of hope and joy.